San Francisco Association of Mental Health Librarians 2010 Conference

PsycINFO Customer Relations presented for the first time this fall at this interesting conference.

Twenty-three librarians attended the AMHL Conference (October 1-3); they came from a variety of institutions, including universities, state and private hospitals, research institutes, and publishers. The theme was "Your Library: Still the Same, Completely Different."

PsycINFO Customer Relations training specialist Lisa Sick presented a session titled The Advanced Use of APA Resources. It included database coverage and record structure, with live search demonstrations on major vendor platforms: APA PsycNET, CSA Illumina, Dialog, EBSCOhost, and OvidSP.

The librarians had questions about methodology, citation searching, using the online Thesaurus, indexing practices, peer-review status, classification codes, and more.

We received valuable feedback on our databases and on the upcoming PsycTESTS project. Many of the attendees are users of PsycEXTRA, our gray literature database, and commented on the importance of this literature to their institution's library. It is always a pleasure to hear from those working in the field of mental health librarianship!

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