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Meet the newest entrant to PsycARTICLES: Psychology of Violence

New Journal: Psychology of Violence

Meet the newest entrant to PsycARTICLES. In August 2010, APA published a special introductory issue of Psychology of Violence, which will begin regular publication in 2011.

In the issue, Sherry Hamby, PhD, the Editor described the journal as

a major feature of APA's increased focus on the problem of violence. The journal became a key component of Alan Kazdin's 2008 presidential initiative to increase the visibility of work on violence at APA and to better integrate the many existing efforts to address different forms of violence.

The journal will be published quarterly and will be multidisciplinary, recognizing the shared focus on violence in psychology, public health, neuroscience, and other related behavioral and social sciences. Dr. Hamby plans to encourage international submissions to the journal, noting that the journal will carry "enormous datasets with detailed, in-depth interviews."

APA will provide publishing services for the print journal and electronic access through PsycARTICLES. Electronic access will include all articles, beginning with Volume 1, Issue 1, published in the journal. Psychology of Violence will be indexed in PsycINFO.