Documentation and Training Plans for the New Databases

New documentation and training materials for the new PsycTESTS and PsycTHERAPY databases are being created and webinar training sessions will be provided.

There is an astonishing amount of planning and preparation that goes into producing a new database. Two at once have really given us some logistical challenges!

Once the project is rolling and achieves a certain critical mass, however, we begin the process of documenting what will become training materials first for our own staff and then for the researcher, librarian, or student who will ultimately use the product.

Beta Testing

Behind the scenes, we have a series of preparatory tasks.

We need beta testers, both in-house and from our prospective users, who bring the best array of skills and perspectives we can gather to ensure the product we've developed is well designed for its purpose. We thus need to identify appropriate beta candidates, draft communication plans, and set up command line structures to see that the right information is conveyed back and forth (we have a beta tester blog set up to help the process).

The Customer Relations Team begins its task of accessing and learning the test environment so they can in turn prepare to train others and start formulating the documentation that will become search guides, help menus, tutorials, and the like.

Would you be interested in beta testing? Please let us know.

Countdown to Launch

As we come closer to launch, the pace of preparation picks up. We now need to update our webpages to introduce and describe the new databases. We need to develop and provide Frequently Asked Question pages, and fact sheets. Staff are assigned to develop new help menus, begin to craft video tutorials, and create search guides and other sorts of documentation.

Though many staff members have been involved at each stage of development and know the new products well, release of a new database is, at least at some level, an APA-wide endeavor, and those who have not been active in the development now need to learn about our new products. Thus, PsycINFO training staff will provide live and webinar training for the new products to any APA staff person who will be directly involved with the new databases and offer it to those who may not be directly involved but are interested.

Launch and Thereafter

When the long-awaited launch day arrives in early September, we'll be waiting to turn our attention to introducing you to the new products. The front-line effort will be a series of webinars for our users. You'll be able to choose among a number of dates and times to learn the ins and outs of the new databases. We'll post sign-ups for the webinars in August and make registration available in a number of ways, including through email list announcements and on our webpages themselves. If you would like to be notified when the training dates are available, please send us an email.

As well as the support documentation, help menus, and tutorials, we will also have trained staff available if you have additional questions.

You can reach us in several ways: by email, through the contact information on the platform itself, or by phone.

Here are some numbers you might find useful:

Business hours
Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m., Eastern Time
Phone: 800-374-2722 or 202-336-5650

After hours
Monday–Friday 6:30–9 a.m. and 5–11 p.m., Eastern Time
Weekends/Holidays 6:30 a.m.–11 p.m., Eastern Time
Phone: 800-256-9216 (United States and Canada) or 202-336-5650

We also anticipate making changes to existing documentation or providing additional resources as our customers begin to use the products and we discover where more clarification would be useful.

It's looking like a busy and exciting summer, and we're looking forward to introducing you to PsycTHERAPY and PsycTESTS as it draws to a close.