Who Needs PsycTESTS?®

Read examples of how psychologists and other professionals would use the PsycTESTS® database.

For anyone doing any kind of research in psychology — from a student working on a school project to the most experienced researcher trying to solve a complex problem — measuring human or animal behavior is an essential component of the research. The breadth of constructs needed for psychological instruments equals the breadth of psychology.

School Psychologist
"I work at a high school that has recently experienced high levels of bullying and aggression. I would like to survey a sample of students to see what their attitudes are about bullying in the school and the extent to which they (1) are bullies themselves or (2) have been bullied."

Social Psychologist
"I work for an online dating company and I am looking for measures of relationship satisfaction that will help the company develop better questionnaires for our customers."

Developmental Psychologist
"I am studying attachment security in children ages 7–10 and need both an observational and self-report version for this."

Clinical Psychologist
"I am designing a study to investigate the impact of social class on parental and child attitudes toward education and need to choose measures for my study."

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist
"I am hired by companies to help them maximize the quality of the work environment. I would like to see what measures are available that assess workers' satisfaction with the work environment."

Sports Psychologist
"I am conducting a longitudinal study of anxiety as a predictor of burnout among high school athletes as they transition to college."

Social Psychologist
"I am working on a grant-sponsored study that is assessing the impact of PTSD on veterans returning from the Iraq war. I am looking for measures of PTSD that were specifically developed for military veterans or have been validated with samples of veterans."

Psychology Graduate Student
"I am writing a research paper on cultural differences in the diagnoses of depression. I would like to see if there are depression measures that have been normed with non-English speakers in the United States."

Social Worker
"I need a measure of potential abuse of an elderly patient with dementia. I want to incorporate this measure into my routine evaluations with my caseload."

Lawyer in the Juvenile Justice System
"I need to argue that my adolescent client on probation for sexual assault will not offend again. I am going to ask his therapist to do an evaluation for this and would like to recommend certain measures for her to administer."

Pastoral Counselor
"I am a rabbi providing religious counseling to my congregation. I would like a few semi-structured or unstructured interviews for use during my initial meetings with people."

Public Policy Researcher
"I develop and propose policies that impact how messages in the media can be used to encourage environmentally-friendly behaviors. I rely heavily on research findings and would like to be able to better understand the measures I come across in my research."