APA Statement on Participation in Discovery Services

This statement clarifies what APA content is available through discovery services.

By Linda Beebe

To clarify what appears to be confusing and even misleading information in the marketplace, we wish to make it absolutely clear what APA content is available through discovery services.

APA has not provided any metadata from PsycINFO® to any service, nor does the organization have any plans to do so at this time. With more than 3.1 million records from as early as 1597, PsycINFO is the only source for literature that covers the breadth and depth of psychology and related disciplines.

Coverage includes

  • 2,500 journals actively publishing now
  • Thousands of journals from earlier years
  • About 2,000 books added every year
  • Nearly 350,000 dissertations
  • Edited books covered at the chapter level
  • Very rich indexing
  • Tests and measures, methodology, grants and sponsorship

The database currently contains nearly 1.8 million DOIs to provide ready access to full-text content.

Comparing search results for common psychological constructs in PsycINFO with those in discovery services very quickly demonstrates the dramatic difference in what the searches yield. Any claims to the contrary in discovery service sales and marketing communications should be viewed with skepticism.

Researchers and students with no access to PsycINFO will miss a very large percentage of content in almost any area. And they will not have the advantages of the precision PsycINFO offers them in refining their search. The only way to get the content in PsycINFO is through a site license or purchase of a daily pass.

Metadata only for APA's full-text databases PsycARTICLES®, PsycBOOKS®, and PsycCRITIQUES® currently are included in the indexes of four major discovery services:

  • EBSCO Discovery Service from EBSCO
  • Primo from Ex Libris
  • Summon from Serials Solutions
  • WorldCat Local from OCLC

APA has collaborated with these services to enable our customers to find full text more easily. Our agreements with the services stipulate that users will link from the services to our full text only if they are authorized users of an institution that has a current APA site license agreement. The APA databases are all available through major vendors including APA, EBSCO, Ovid, and ProQuest. For more information, institutions should contact their vendor.

We have collaborated with discovery services to provide an additional service to our customers for full text. In no way, however, should our collaboration be viewed as a potential replacement for the APA databases themselves.

Contact: Linda Beebe, Senior Director, PsycINFO

August 2011