In Search of

Searching Document Type in PsycEXTRA®

In this issue's In Search of feature, we demonstrate how to search document type in PsycEXTRA® on APA PsycNET® for information on caregiving presented at the 2010 APA convention.

As of early July, we have made a number of additions and changes to the content you can search under document type on APA PsycEXTRA®. Here's a list that shows the old searchable types compared with the new, with the changes highlighted.

  • All Document Types are now singular
  • Fact sheet now with brochure
  • New content is highlighted
  • Videos are now included under multimedia, along with podcasts
  • Reports now have more granularity

Document Types

Using the APA PsycNET® platform, and in keeping with our conference theme, we'll search PsycEXTRA conference materials for presentations at the 2010 American Psychological Association annual convention.

The 2010 APA President, Dr. Carol Goodheart, made a focus on caregiving a primary goal of her tenure as president. Let's further limit our findings to results on caregivers or caregiving.

First, restrict your search to PsycEXTRA:
Restrict your search to PsycEXTRA


In the Only Show Content Where area, select Document Type. Note that there are three conference categories:
Conference Document Types


In this instance, we are interested in Presentations. We'll confine our search to that, and add APA as Content Provider:
Limiting search to Presentations and adding APA as Content Provider


We can use the Date field to restrict our findings to 2010.
Use Date field to restrict findings to 2010


Finally, to ensure that you get not only APA convention results, but conference results from its own convention, restrict your findings to APA annual convention.
Restrict findings to APA annual convention


Now run the search:
Run the search


Let's take a look at the top record.
Full Record Display


Having limited your results to this set, an easy way to further narrow is to facet the data. A term added to the Search within Results box will perform an Any Field search. So we add caregive*
Adding caregive* as a facet