Mobile Interfaces from EBSCO & RefWorks

This article spotlights efforts by services that deliver and help users manage APA content.

In the first PsycINFO News issue this year, we introduced the new APA Journals app. In this issue, we spotlight efforts by services that deliver and help users manage APA content. EBSCOhost Mobile and RefMobile are two widely-used services that enables users to conduct their research and manage their citations on-the-go.

EBSCO has tailor-made the EBSCOhost Mobile application for the smaller screens of mobile devices with an interface that offers the most important EBSCOhost features and functionality. Once the library administrator has created an administrative profile for EBSCOhost Mobile, this new interface is available to all users who have access to that account.

The service provides smart phone access to scholarly information, allowing basic searching, a variety of limiters, Image Quick View, access to both HTML and PDF Full Text, and emailing articles. Additional information is available at EBSCOhost Mobile Access.

The RefMobile interface enables students and researchers to use the RefWorks web-based research management service from anywhere, via web-enabled mobile phones, smart phones, and personal data assistants. It gives users immediate access to the most commonly used RefWorks functions, including searching their entire RefWorks databases, viewing references by folders, adding and removing references from folders, creating new folders, and adding comments to Notes fields.

The service is available at no additional charge to all RefWorks users. Additional information is available on the RefWorks RefMobile website.