In Search of: A Social Psychologist's Search for Measures of Relationship Satisfaction in PsycTESTS®

This search example shows how to conduct a search of the PsycTESTS® database for full test instruments of relationship satisfaction that may be freely used in research.

In this issue's search example, we conduct a search for measures of relationship satisfaction.


A social psychologist working for an online dating company is looking for measures that will help the company develop better questionnaires for customers. Ideally, the measures will tap into a broad assessment of relationships. She is specifically looking for measures that have full text available and may be used in research.

Build Your Search Using APA PsycNET by Limiting to the PsycTESTS® Database

To begin, let's select only the PsycTESTS database from the PsycNET menu. Limiting to PsycTESTS allows you to access the database-specific fields and limits from the Advanced Search screen.

Limiting to PsycTESTS

There are numerous terms that might be useful for this search. Some possibilities might include interpersonal relationship, relationship satisfaction, relationship quality, love, attachment, or marriage. You may populate the search using Term Finder to choose relevant index terms.

Using the Term Finder to choose relevant index terms

The top box of the platform is populated with the chosen index terms, and we can refine that search in the platform, should we choose, with PsycTESTS-specific fields.

Refining search with PsycTESTS-specific fields

In this case, we'll add some keywords that are likely to limit our findings to romantic- or partner-based relationships.

Adding keywords

In addition, as we're interested in measures that are available for research and provide test content, we'll add additional specifications from the limits, or Only Show Content Where, area of the platform. Here is a list of the available limits:

Available Limits for Only Show Content Where field

In this instance, we'll select the Permissions limit and choose "May use for Research/ Teaching." We'll also check the Full-Text Test box in the section.

Adding Permissions and Full-Text limits

Now let's run the search and look at our results.

Our results are displayed under the PsycTESTS tab and, in this case, as it's the only database searched, the All tab. The search returned 20 records.

Display of search string and number of results

We may further refine our search from the results page, using the Search within Results at the top of the page or the faceted list that includes the 10 top hits in a number of categories.

Search within Results display

Categories included on the faceted list are

  • Index Term
  • Author Affiliation
  • Author
  • Test Year
  • Age Group
  • Population Group
  • Test Record Type
  • Permissions

Your results list can be sorted by Year, Author, Test Name, or Relevance and allow you to view the record summary and link to a PDF of test content.

Search Results display

The test itself will include a coversheet with a citation and information about the test and its format and source and permission to use. The test itself is provided in a standard format — but not changed in any way from the source from which it came.

This is the top example of a coversheet from our results list:

Example of coversheet from results list

Here is the accompanying test:

Full test record

PsycTESTS will be available on OvidSP in late November and on EBSCOhost in 2012. For more information, please contact the vendor.