In Search of: Searching PsycTHERAPY® for References to Gambling

This issue's search example demonstrates a search for therapeutic approaches to issues with gambling in the new PsycTHERAPY® database on APA PsycNET.

In this issue's search example, we conduct a search to see different therapeutic approaches to gambling.


We want to see different examples of how topics related to gambling are handled in the psychology demonstrations available through PsycTHERAPY®.

Having the demonstrations in PsycTHERAPY fully transcribed makes it easy to search for instances of references to specific topics.

Begin Your Search in APA PsycNET

PsycTHERAPY is unique among APA's databases because of its streaming video format. APA makes it available from its own homepage, which you can access from APA PsycNET.

Accessing PsycTHERAPY on APA PsycNET

Here we are showing all of the databases that are available through PsycNET (note that only those databases for which an institution has a site license will appear on the platform). Note that unlike the other databases, you cannot deselect PsycTHERAPY.

An Any Field search for the word "gambling," for example, shows results for any other available selected database at the top of the screen. Results for PsycTHERAPY are on the left.

Screen shot of PsycTHERAPY search for gambling

Clicking on either the PsycTHERAPY link itself or on one of the resulting records will bring you first to a terms of agreement document and then to a PsycTHERAPY-specific landing page, which has a variety of specialized search features.

If we run the same search from the PsycTHERAPY page, we may find more results, as we can now search additional fields. Let's look at an example.

Build Your Search in PsycTHERAPY

From the main PsycTHERAPY search screen, select "SEARCH" in the upper menu bar.

Screen shot of PsycTHERAPY search screen

This will bring you to the Advanced Search menu.

Because we want to see examples of discussions of gambling in various contexts, we will search the "Transcripts and Notes" field for "gambling."

Screen shot of PsycTHERAPY advanced search screen

Reviewing Search Results

We then get search results that show a variety of ways that gambling appears in therapy demonstrations. Two entire videos are focused on gambling. In another, it is one of the issues in a couple's therapy demonstration. And it appears as an issue in three other demonstrations.

Screen shot of PsycTHERAPY results for search for gambling, screen 1

Screen shot of PsycTHERAPY results for search for gambling, screen 2

Screen shot of PsycTHERAPY results for search for gambling, screen 3

Accessing Therapy Demonstrations

If we wanted to watch the entire video Finding Alternatives to Pathological Gambling we would click the large play video icon icon next to title. This takes us to the page for the video and playback will begin at the start of the demonstration.

Screen shot of full video result in PsycTHERAPY

In our search results lists, specific mentions of "gambling" in the therapy demonstration are listed in the "Transcript Hits" section. When there are 4 or more mentions of the searched term, only the first three are displayed. All the references can be accessed by clicking on "Show all hits."

Screen shot of PsycTHERAPY show all hits display

If we wanted to access the point where the therapist says "… let's assume that he started the whole gambling again…" in the video Schema Therapy with a Client Suffering From Anxiety, we would click the small play video icon icon next to that transcript notation.

PsycTHERAPY then brings up that specific moment in that specific demonstration. The relevant transcript is shown below.

Screen shot of PsycTHERAPY transcript display