What's New in PsycEXTRA®?

In this issue, we introduce a new feature highlighting PsycEXTRA® content providers.

Editor's note: What's New in PsycEXTRA®? will be a regular feature of the PsycINFO News. Please check this column to learn about hard-to-find content sources that enrich scholarship.

Anthropology and Psychology Intertwined


  • Psychology is the scientific study of behavior within humans and animals.
  • Anthropology is the study of humanity throughout time.

The intersection between anthropology and psychology has fascinated researchers and scientists for more than century. Thanks to a special arrangement with the American Anthropological Association (AAA), researchers can find monographs, reports, and studies, in PsycEXTRA, APA's database of hard-to-find and emerging content.

AAA publications provide core references for subspecialties within anthropology such as consciousness studies, policy, tobacco, drugs and hallucinogenics, aids, and the status of women in universities. Their press releases give up-to-date information on the development of anthropology as a science and AAA's on-going policy development and advocacy on national issues such as immigration, childhood advocacy, and the aging population.  The AAA's annual meeting is well attended, and its vast archive of abstracts can be searched from the psychological and behavioral science point of view.

Researchers analyzing the relationship of human behavior and mental health often look to the cultural factors to understand the root causes. This rich new source of information on cultural anthropology, ethnography, indigenous populations, sociocultural factors, immigration, and gender issues can be searched simultaneously with APA's other databases, including PsycINFO®, PsycARTICLES®, and PsycBOOKS® to identify the intersection between the disciplines of anthropology and psychology.

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