What's New in PsycEXTRA®?

This is now a regular feature highlighting content owners in the PsycEXTRA® database. This issue takes a look at one of APA's own divisions, Division 2: The Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

In the past couple of issues, we've highlighted some of the wonderful content donors that contribute their materials to PsycEXTRA®. In this issue, we're going to shed some light on a source quite close to home.

If you are not familiar with APA's many divisions, they are a wonderful resource and well worth exploring. APA serves as the hub for 54 divisions, or interest groups, that are organized by our members. Some represent subdisciplines of psychology (e.g., experimental, social, or clinical), while others focus on topical areas such as neuroscience, the military, or the media.

You can browse the divisions by number or a mind-boggling array of topics that run from addictions to women (visit the Divisions of APA page).

As all active divisions have contributed content to PsycEXTRA, you can find a great deal of information in the database by searching for divisions as content owners.

Let's take as an example Division 2: The Society for the Teaching of Psychology. The Society was set up to "advance understanding of the discipline by promoting excellence in the teaching and learning of psychology" and provides "resources and services, access to a collaborative community, and opportunities for professional development. It also strives to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning, advocate for the needs of teachers of psychology, foster partnerships across academic settings, and increase recognition of the value of the teaching profession."

What sort of information would a Content Owner search of "Division 2" yield? A bonanza.

If you work with a faculty member who teaches psychology, you could point them toward the following resources:

  • Full text of the Society's newsletter dating back to 1960.
  • More than 200 full-text monographs. The most recent is "Preparing to Serve: A Program Training College Students for Tutoring and Mentoring in Public Schools" (Amsel et al., 2011) in Promoting Student Engagement: Volume 1: Programs, Techniques and Opportunities.
  • An annotated bibliography on training for teaching assistants.
  • A brochure/fact sheet on organizations and committees that support the teaching of psychology.
  • Conference presentations and abstracts on cheating and problem solving, among other topics.
  • Full-text, detailed curricula that include the Psychology of Prejudice and Racism, Using Film to Teach Psychology: A Resource of film Study Guides, Student Response Systems ("Clickers") in the Psychology Classroom: A Beginner's Guide, and others.
  • A number of directories on a variety of topics such as psychology programs that offer doctorates.
  • Legislation that includes the division's own bylaws.
  • A variety of reports on topics that include Diversity Committee summary of student recruitment and retention and use of multimedia.

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