APA PsycNET® Update: Spell Suggest and Type-Ahead Features Now Available

We are reaping the first benefits of our new engine and have upgraded our platform capabilities.

MarkLogic has provided APA PsycNET® with the information architecture to release new features that will enhance your search experience. Two of them are already highly visible and easy to use.

We've now introduced a Type-Ahead feature that allows the platform to provide suggestions on what content the user may be seeking as well as a Spell Suggest.

So the next time I bungle the spelling of a word like hemorrhage, I'll get help. Here's my first attempt.

Screen shot of Spell Suggest feature in MarkLogic on APA PsycNET

I'll know what the problem is if I'm not getting results. The results page won't just show null results but also suggest more productive alternatives.

Screen shot of MarkLogic on APA PsycNET showing productive alternatives to misspelled search term

Likewise, the Type-Ahead will begin making some suggestions as to your likely area of interest as soon as you've typed the first three letters. For example, if I was interested in research on Trichotillomania (a wonderful word), here is what would be suggested by the time I got to the sixth letter:

Screen shot of Type Ahead feature in MarkLogic on APA PsycNET