MARC Records Now Available for PsycTHERAPY®

MARC records for PsycTHERAPY® are now available through the PsycNET Admin Center.

We are pleased to announce that you can now download MARC records for PsycTHERAPY®. Log into your institution's Admin Center on the PsycNET platform.

Screenshot of APA PsycNET Admin Center

You'll find all of the MARC records linked from the Home page of the Admin Center. Note that you can also set up alerts for when new records become available.

Screen shot of APA PsycNET Admin Center showing the location of new MARC records

Clicking the link will give you access to all the databases for which records are available.

Screenshot of APA PsycNET Admin Center showing how to download MARC records for all APA databases

Note that if you have not been set up with administrative privileges to access MARC records for your institution, APA will need to add you to the account and provide you with the appropriate level of permission.

To set up a new administrator, please contact APA PsycNET Access.

An existing administrator will find instructions on adding users or changing administrators at the Admin Center Help link. If you have questions, please contact PsycINFO.