2012 Update to the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms®

More than 100 new terms have been added to the thesaurus.

This year's PsycINFO® reload brings several exciting changes to the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms®. More than 100 new terms were added: 73 postable terms and 52 non-postable (or terms that also map to the thesaurus term) terms.

Inspired by the new APA database PsycTHERAPY®, we have added many new therapy-centric terms, including

  • Adventure Therapy
  • Empty Chair Technique
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Strategic Family Therapy

Also included in this update are terms to capture areas of research focused on current technology, such as

  • Mobile Devices
  • Social Media
  • Cyberbullying

Perhaps the most significant change in this year's Thesaurus update is the change of status of all Mental Retardation terminology. In order to reflect changes in attitudes, as well as in anticipation of new diagnostic standards and vocabulary, the Thesaurus moved 10 Mental Retardation terms to non-postable status and introduced the term Intellectual Development Disorder (as well as the parenthetical "attitudes toward").

All historical records now reflect this change, and all records will keep the term Mental Retardation (or appropriate subcategory) in the keywords field so they may still be retrieved easily. We anticipate that as the diagnostic language changes, more and more researchers will begin to use Intellectual Development Disorder in their writing.

As always, we welcome any suggestions, questions or comments. Please contact us.