April 2012 Reload of PsycINFO® Research Databases

We released the reload in April 2012. This article describes what's new.

The 2012 annual reload of PsycINFO®, PsycARTICLES®, PsycBOOKS®, and PsycCRITIQUES® was released to vendors on April 23rd.

Database reloads have long been an integral part of APA's efforts to provide researchers and users in the behavioral sciences and related disciplines with new tools to retrieve content and discover innovative research trends. Reloads allow us to reformat our records to deliver new features, enhancements, or other upgrades — essentially a new version of the database.

Grants and Research Funding

Interested in locating more detailed information about grants and research funding?

A major project in this year's reload was the fielding of grant and sponsorship data. PsycINFO staff began collecting these data in a single field, Grant/Sponsorship, in 2005. The new fielding makes it easier to find information about what organizations are providing funding and other support for specific areas of research.

The new fields allow display, search, and limits for individual sponsoring agencies, including the country in which they are located (if provided), grant numbers, grant recipients, and principal investigators. Additional fields are grant date, funding amount, and recipient country. We've retained an "Other Details" field that will include information about the grant, such as whether it was a Young Investigator Award or a cooperative agreement among several agencies.

Test Record DOI

Are you familiar with the Tests & Measures field in PsycINFO records? We are providing a new way to link between PsycINFO and the new PsycTESTS® database using a test record Digital Object Identifier (DOI)!

Our new PsycTESTS database was released on APA PsycNET® in September 2011 and on OvidSP in October 2011, and it will soon be released on EBSCOhost. PsycTESTS is a research database that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments as well as descriptive information about the test and its development and administration.

Now, when you are searching PsycINFO, you can link to the PsycTESTS record overview by clicking on the Test DOI link. Users who do not have an institutional or other subscription to the PsycTESTS database will be directed to the test record overview.

PubMed Identifier

You've been asking for it, and now it is available in the PsycINFO record: the PubMed Identifier.

Over 850,000 records have been matched with their PubMed unique identifiers — PMID — to help researchers use the PMID to navigate between searching in APA databases and finding resources in PubMed.

You can use the PMID, if you know what it is, to search for the record in PsycINFO; if you are in PsycINFO and want to look at the PubMed record, use the PMID as a universal record locator. New PubMed identifiers will be added to the database on a weekly basis.

Other Enhancements

What other features have been enhanced?

  • A Document Type, Poetry, will be used for source documents that are actually poems. Document Types identify what a document is as opposed to what it is about. This will help users distinguish between actual poems and analysis of poetry.
  • We added the Methodology value, Scientific Simulation, for the use of research techniques that reproduce events and/or processes for the purpose of testing or experimentation in any discipline, including but not limited to neuroscience, marketing, perception, health sciences research, and organizational psychology.
  • Special Section titles have been added to PsycARTICLES journals that, unlike a Special Issue, contain sub-sections with one or more articles focused on a specific theme or issue.

Clean-up Projects

And, as always, ongoing database clean-up projects!

Each time we reload the databases we tackle a few "clean-up" tasks. These can be in response to customer requests, changes in research practices, new technologies and features provided by publishers, and more. Many of these projects will be ongoing even after the reload is delivered.

  • Special Issue titles have been standardized and cleaned up for already released PsycARTICLES content.
  • For books and chapters from books that are part of a series, we standardized volume and issue information, as well as provided the Series ISSN, if available.
  • We researched and added many missing ISBNs to book records, and are now also including the Set ISBNs, when available.
  • We replaced the non-English value in the Language field with the original source document language.
  • A global search of the CrossRef database added new DOIs that have been deposited since the last reload in 2010. Accuracy of DOIs is critical for seamless access to full-text articles.

Timing of the Reload

The reloads of PsycINFO research databases were released to vendors, including APA PsycNET, APA's own delivery platform, on April 23. We anticipate vendors will process the reload and update their platforms as soon as possible. Vendors implement the reloads on different schedules, so check with your vendor or visit our Vendor Reload Status Update page.