In Search of: Exploring Classification Codes

We're introducing a new kind of search: cross-platform and multimedia!

A physician is interested in learning more about how depression may affect the treatment outcomes of patients in rehabilitation from an accident or as a result of disease or illness.

We will take advantage of Classification Codes for this search. Classification Codes are a system that categorizes the document according to its primary subject matter. They can they be used to limit a search to a particular subcategory.

Starting with this issue of PsycINFO News, "In Search of" will become a multimedia feature, which will explore how to build the searches on the major vendor platforms.

Watch a brief tutorial demonstrating this issue's search scenario.

The tutorial is also available on YouTube.

To try the search yourself, set it up using the following terms:

  • Combine Index Terms Major Depression AND Treatment Outcomes
  • Select Classification Code "Rehabilitation" (3380)