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The End of an Era: Linda Beebe is Retiring

The End of an Era: Linda Beebe is Retiring

We bid a grateful farewell to Linda Beebe and provide a brief review of what she's accomplished during her 12 years as PsycINFO's Senior Director.

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  • In Search Of: Using the Methodology Limiter
    The Methodology Limiter is one of our most useful and flexible search tools, allowing a searcher to refine a search by one or more of 21 classifications. We provide a multiplatform video of how to use the feature.
  • Regional Association Materials Are in PsycEXTRA®
    The seven Regional Psychological Associations are an important source of research materials. They provide conference materials, organization information, and lots of practical advice on publishing and practice.
  • New From APA
    My List updates; The Psychologist-Manager Journal; new DVDs in the APA Psychotherapy Video Series; vendor showcase at the Charleston Conference; PsycTESTS now available on ProQuest