New From APA

My List updates; The Psychologist-Manager Journal; new DVDs in the APA Psychotherapy Video Series; vendor showcase at the Charleston Conference; PsycTESTS now available on ProQuest

My List Updates

We've added two tools to the My List feature on APA PsycNET – the ability to add tags and brief annotations to saved items.

Additions to the Psychotherapy Video Series

In October and November, APA will release two new DVDs in the Psychotherapy Video Series — one on Integrative Therapy, and another on Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. For more information (and to see DVDs released earlier in the year) visit the APA Videos website.

Cover of The Psychologist-Manager JournalThe Psychologist-Manager Journal

APA will be the new publisher of this journal, starting with Volume 16, Issue 1 in 2013. Previous issues will be available in PsycARTICLES in 2013.

Learn more about the journal