PsycINFO News: How Are We Doing?

PsycINFO News is about to enter its 32nd year, and we're wondering how well it's working for you.

This is the last issue of 2012, and as we prepare to start the next volume of the PsycINFO News (Vol. 32!), it seems like a good time to find out how well this publication is doing its job keeping you informed.

We took a look back at the newsletter, which started as a print product in 1981 mailed to a list. By 1995 we'd made the leap to the Web, and a PDF version of the newsletter was available for download.

Differences in technology aside, the nature of the content has been relatively consistent over the years. We've concentrated on keeping you informed of training events, new products available, documentation resources, and sample searches.

For a look at how times have changed, here is what a neuropsychological assessment search (on CD-ROM as well as online) on the Ovid platform from Volume 15 in 1995 looked like:

First screen of search on Ovid CD-ROM platform in 1995

Second screen of search on Ovid CD-ROM platform in 1995

Third screen of search on Ovid CD-ROM platform in 1995

It looks better today, doesn't it?

Over time, the newsletter issues have become more frequent (six times a year instead of four) and waxed and waned in size. At times we've tried to cover issues of broader interest to information professionals, such as our relationship with HINARI, an examination of the APA–vendor relationship, and embedded librarians. More recently, we've gone for a shorter, sleeker, newsletter with interactive features.

One thing we've never done in any detail, however, is ask your opinion about the newsletter.

  • Are we giving you useful information?
  • How much or little of it do you actually read?
  • Is there something else you'd like to see?
  • Is the format workable?
  • Is it convenient?
  • Is six times a year reasonable or was four fine?

So we're giving you a little notice: In the first issue of 2013 we'll be including a link to a survey about the newsletter. We hope you'll be willing to take a few minutes to help us make this newsletter as useful a tool as possible. As always, thank you for all you do.