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PsycINFO News: How Are We Doing?

PsycINFO News: How Are We Doing?

PsycINFO News is about to enter its 32nd year, and we're wondering how well it's working for you.

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  • Get More
    New records in PsycTESTS; ALA Midwinter; Journal publication schedules; searchable conferences field; PsycTESTS population groups.
  • Free Search Help Resources for Students
    Take a look at some of our free resources for students. They include video tutorials, webinars, and research topic resources.
  • Government Agency Materials in PsycEXTRA®
    PsycEXTRA includes materials from many U.S. government agencies - federal, state, and local. But there is also information from a number of our international counterparts.
  • In Search of: Using Fields and Limits in PsycTESTS®
    PsycTESTS is now available on all of our major vendor platforms. This issue's In Search of feature shows you the PsycTESTS-specific fields and how to find full text on each platform.