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February 2013 |Vol. 32, No. 1 PDF iconDownload Issue (PDF, 883KB)

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PsycTESTS®: My How You Have Grown!

We take stock of how PsycTESTS® is doing

Our PsycTESTS database has passed its first full year and bettered our ambitious goals for records added. To celebrate our 10,000th record, we'd like to acknowledge the people who helped create the database and its ongoing success.

Also in This Issue

  • Graduate Students: Our Not-So-Secret Weapon
    One key to our success in adding records to the PsycTESTS has been the graduate students who comb the literature looking for tests. We introduce three.
  • The People of PsycTESTS®
    PsycTESTS has many faces. Here is a sampling from all the groups that have contributed to its success.
  • In Search of: Using the Thesaurus in PsycTESTS®
    Now that PsycTESTS is available on all of the major vendor platforms, we wanted to take a few minutes to demonstrate how our thesaurus has been integrated into this database.
  • New From APA
    Learn more about the APA Journals Pro app, quotes and trials, in-person training, and our new topic guides.