The Back-to-School Training Issue

In this double issue, we provide you with an overview of training resources available from APA.

Tis the season of new beginnings. Brand new students just beginning their college adventure, more-seasoned students back in the traces, faculty, and librarians are all streaming in for the new academic year. What better time to talk a little bit about how APA can partner with you in the new school year.

In this issue of the newsletter (actually a double issue), we're going to provide an overview of the resources currently available to you from APA and see if we can recruit some of you to share your own success stories and challenges in research methods training for future issues of the newsletter.

Training Resources From APA

Most of you are familiar with the real estate on our website dedicated to you, the Librarian's Resource Center. Training materials may be found in the Search Help and Training Center.

In the Training Center, you'll find information on the following areas from the PsycINFO® training team.

In addition, you'll find links to other useful areas, like the APA Style website and links to PsycINFO products on social media.

For this issue, it seems appropriate to pay particular attention to two areas you might find useful. First are the tutorials.


These brief platform-specific tutorials show how to use database features and give tips on building precise searches. We encourage you to link the tutorials to your library websites, LibGuides, course management software, and other resources that may help your students and researchers in their work.

For example, we have four playlists of tutorials focused on PsycTESTS® – one for each of the major vendor platforms. Each contains a set of videos that share the same content, but demonstrate the database on a different platform. They include tutorials on finding supporting documentation, information on fees and permissions associated with the tests, and how to find and download tests.

View all of our YouTube playlists.


In addition, please share with your staff and students that we offer free student webinars aimed at both new and more advanced researchers. We are always happy to provide individualized sessions for classes.

Introductory Student Training is designed for researchers relatively new to academic research in the behavioral sciences. It provides an overview of APA's research databases and compares searches on academic databases to nonacademic databases. We cover evaluating the sources you find and results management.

Advanced Student Training is designed specifically for upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and other experienced researchers interested in exploring the APA databases. It explores the value added fields such as Methodology, Tests and Measures, Grants and Sponsorship and details creative ways to use data in APA's databases.

View the Webinar Training for Students and Faculty page for the complete schedule.

Use the linked Time Zone Converter for your time; APA is located in Washington, DC.

Visit the main Webinar Training Schedule page for additional webinars for librarians, APA database administrators, and other student offerings.