APA Partners With EBSCOhost Integrated Search

APA research databases are now searchable through EBSCO's federated search service EBSCOhost Integrated Search.

Were you aware that APA recently made our research databases searchable through EBSCO's federated search service EBSCOhost Integrated Search (EHIS)? If not, we'd like to tell you about the service, how it works, and how to set it up in your library if you'd like to try it out.


APA is among a group of publishers who, for a variety of reasons, prefer not to include all of its databases in discovery services. Our bibliographic database PsycINFO® is a core database in most of your institutions, but although our full-text databases are included in a number of discovery tools, PsycINFO is not.

We do see, however, that there is often a benefit to the end user to have a way to search across the library's complete collection using a single user interface. So if your library licenses PsycINFO on APA PsycNET®, OvidSP, ProQuest, or one of the proprietary state systems, and you also use EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), one way of including PsycINFO in a single search is to use EHIS.

How It Works

The EHIS connector provides a federated search that connects the EBSCO search engine with the search engine that powers your access to PsycINFO, and integrates with EDS.

For example, if you access PsycINFO via APA PsycNET, your users can employ the federated search interface to submit a single search, which is sent via search connectors to PsycNET at the same time it's sent to EDS. The user then receives citation-level metadata — either included with results from other resources or in a list that contains only results from PsycNET — on the EBSCO interface. Clicking on the results links for PsycINFO, however, will take the user directly to the item on PsycNET.

A few institutions have begun using EHIS, among them Saint Mary's College of California Library.

Saint Mary's conducted focus groups and surveys and found EDS to be preferred by both students and faculty over Google Scholar and other discovery services; thus, they decided to be among the first libraries to take advantage of the availability of EHIS with their PsycINFO platform, APA PsycNET.

Although the service is still in testing, early reports from librarians there are that they are pleased that results from PsycINFO can appear alone or interspersed with other results from EBSCO Discovery service. Saint Mary's is also using EBSCO's PsycINFO Quick Link to jump from the results page back to the APA PsycNET interface.

With one search, students and faculty at Saint Mary's can search PsycINFO and hundreds of other databases at the same time. EDS is now a one-stop place for psychology and cross-disciplinary information, as results from PsycINFO are included along with full-text from APA PsycARTICLES® and our other relevant databases.


Let's take a look at a sample search using EHIS with APA PsycNET.

Here, a Saint Mary's patron has created a basic search for college students AND bullying.

The EDS results are in the center, and the EHIS options are shown to the far right. Note that a resource you'd like to search may appear far down in the list of search connector options, as here, PsycINFO appears at the bottom of a column that can flow onto multiple screens.

EHIS results screen

Peter Hynd, Lead Discovery Solutions Specialist for EBSCO Information Service, noted that customers have the ability to move the connector up and down the list through an administrator tool, as well as expand the list to include all the connectors when a customer searches.

The user can choose to search any combination of the connectors. If only APA PsycNET is checked, only those results will be returned.

In this case, we are searching only PsycINFO, and all the results in the middle are from PsycINFO and appear in the EBSCO interface.

EHIS results screen with PsycINFO search results

If we click on the title,

Title of search result

we'll get a brief bibliographic record on the EBSCO platform.

EHIS bibliographic record on EBSCO platform

However, if we choose to retrieve the item,

EHIS results retrieval

we will view it on the PsycNET platform. The retrieval option allows the patron to make use of the richer indexing and search options available on the native platform.

EHIS search results on APA PsycNET

Set Up

If you're interested in using EHIS with PsycINFO and your library collection, contact your EBSCO sales representative for information. EBSCO staff will then set up the connectors with your platform provider.

There is a dedicated EHIS group at EBSCO, and they can also answer any questions or provide you with additional information about the service. You may contact them by email.

And, as always, please contact us if you have feedback on the service or any other questions or comments about our databases.