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December 2013 | Vol. 32, No. 6

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PsycINFO News

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  • Join APA Staff at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia
    See what APA is up to at ALA and register for our Roundtable Breakfast and/or Lunch and Learn.
  • PsycTESTS: My, How You Have Grown
    We recently crunched some PsycTESTS numbers and want to share a few statistics with you.
  • In Search Of: Tests & Measures in PsycINFO
    This issue's search highlights four recent tutorials, one on each of our major vendor platforms, that investigate using the Tests and Measures field in PsycINFO.
  • New from APA
    Log in to My APA or My PsycNET account using Google; lists of the most popular PsycARTICLES articles on the APA PsycNET platform; new APA Topic Guides; APA will publish the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry beginning in January 2014.

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