PsycBOOKS® is a full-text database that provides electronic access to thousands of scholarly and professional titles published by APA, including the most recent titles in psychological and behavioral science, plus a substantial backfile of classic and historic works.

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What you can expect from PsycBOOKS

Current and Comprehensive Coverage
  • The most current and comprehensive, chapter-level electronic access option available for APA-published scholarly and professional books
  • Includes the newest APA-published scholarly and professional books as they are released
  • Includes all volumes of the APA Handbooks in Psychology® Series
  • Scholarly publications ranging from the most current clinical theories to the historic underpinnings of psychology from books published in the early 17th Century
  • Professional titles that present applications for behavioral science in contemporary issues
  • Chapters from hard-to-find classic books and digitized content from the Archives of the History of American Psychology
High-quality Content
  • Bibliographic records carefully developed by APA experts that yield precise results
  • APA books are fully vetted through peer review at proposal and manuscript stages
  • Includes all 1,500 entries in the Encyclopedia of Psychology, co-published by APA and Oxford University Press
Authoritative Publications
  • APA books are authored by distinguished researchers and practitioners
  • Included books are anchored in theory, informed by empirical research, and draw out practical applications

Additional Features

  • MARC records available
  • DOIs assigned for direct linking to full-text after discovery
  • Full-text chapters are displayed as downloadable PDFs
  • Each title and chapter indexed with a PsycINFO® record by subject experts to yield precise results
  • For a listing of subject areas covered by PsycBOOKS, visit our APA Books® page.

Note: PsycBOOKS does not include APA Style® products, Magination Press® children's titles, APA LifeTools® trade book titles, textbooks, encyclopedias, or other reference publications.

Quick Facts
Database Type Full text
Record Type Books and book chapters
Number of Records
  • 4,099 scholarly books
  • 61,246 chapters
Update Frequency Updated Monthly
Coverage Dates 1620–present
Content Coverage
  • 3,032 classic resources in Psychology
  • 1,067 books published by APA
  • All volumes in the APA Handbooks in Psychology series
  • 100 out-of-print books from between 1950–2002
  • Exclusive electronic release of the APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Psychology
Record Format Downloadable PDF
Exclusions PsycBOOKS does not include APA Style products, Magination Press children's titles, APA LifeTools trade book titles, textbooks, encyclopedias, or other reference publications.

The PsycBOOKS® database is produced and copyrighted by the American Psychological Association (APA). All rights reserved.

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