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Some Classic Books do not have an ISBN assigned.

ISBN Book Title Author/Editor © Year
1-4338-1755-1 APA Handbook of Career Intervention, Volume 1: Foundations Hartung, Paul J. (Ed); Savickas, Mark L. (Ed); and Walsh, Bruce W. (Ed) 2015
1-4338-1756-X APA Handbook of Career Intervention, Volume 2: Applications Hartung, Paul J. (Ed); Savickas, Mark L. (Ed); and Walsh, Bruce W. (Ed) 2015
  Hilgard and Marquis' conditioning and learning (2nd ed.) Hilgard, Earnest R.; Marquis, Donald G. 1961
  How to think straight Weinland, James D. 1963
1-4338-1808-6 Interdisciplinary Frameworks for Schools: Best Professional Practices for Serving the Needs of All Students Berninger, Virginia W. 2015
  Language and the discovery of reality: A developmental psychology of cognition Church, Joseph 1961
  Learning for teachers Townsend, Edward Arthur; Burke, Paul J. 1962
  Manifest structure analysis du Mas, Frank M. 1955
  Personality assessment and diagnosis: A clinical and experimental technique Bennett, Edward 1961
1-4338-1833-7 Practical Guide to PTSD Treatment: Pharmalogical and Psychotherapeutic Approaches, A Bernardy, Nancy C. and Friedman, Matthew J. 2015
  Preparation of teachers: An unstudied problem in education, The Saranson, Seymour B.; Davidson, Kenneth S.; Blatt, Burton 1962
  Psychology of character development, The Peck, Robert F.; Havighurst, Robert J.; Cooper, Ruth; Lilienthal, Jesse; More, Douglas 1960
  Psychology of conduct applied to the problem of moral education in the public schools, The Schroeder, H. H. 1911
  Psychology of education, The Welton, J. 1911
  Psychology of peoples, The Le Bon, Gustave 1898
  Psychology of revolution, The Le Bon, Gustave; Miall, Bernard (Trans) 1913
  Religious uses of memory: A sermon, The Parkes Cadman, S. 1912
1-4338-1816-7 Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy for Trauma Walker, Donald (Ed); Courtois, Christine (Ed); Aten, Jamie (Ed) 2015
  Theodore Schroeder's last will Kuhn, Lesley (Ed) 1958
  Training of children: A book for young teachers, The Dinsmore, John Wirt 1912
  Training of the memory in art and the education of the artist, The de Boisbaudran, Lecoq; Luard, L. D. (Trans) 1911
  Unconscious memory Butler, Samuel 1910
  Unconscious therapeutics; Or, the personality of the physician Schofield, Alfred T. 1904
  Use of words in reasoning, The Sidgwick, Alfred 1901
  What boys and girls like to read Norvell, George W. 1958