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The following books were added to PsycBOOKS® in January 2015.

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Some Classic Books do not have an ISBN assigned.

ISBN Book Title Author/Editor © Year
1-4338-1845-0 Personality Disorders: Toward Theoretical and Empirical Integration in Diagnosis and Assessment Huprich, Steven K. 2015
1-4338-1868-X Using the MMPI-2 in Forensic Assessment Butcher, James N.; Hass, Giselle A.; Greene, Roger L.; Nelson, Linda D. 2015
1-4338-1934-1 Forensic Evaluation and Treatment of Juveniles: Innovation and Best Practice Salekin, Randall 2015
  Understanding ourselves Shacter, Helen 1945
  Soldier to civilian: Problems of readjustment Pratt, George K. 1944
  Personality and economic background: A study of highly intelligent children Davidson, Helen H. 1943
  Law and learning theory: A study in legal control Moore, Underhill; Callahan, Charles C. 1943
  Time and the mind: Personal tempoThe key to normal and pathological mental conditions Babcock, Harriet 1941
  Minor mental maladjustments in normal people: Based on original autobiographies of personality maladjustments Wallin, J. E. Wallace 1939
  Libido and delusion (enlarged 2nd ed.) London, Louis S. 1946
  Mind of the injured man, The Fetterman, Joseph L. 1943
  Human nature and conduct: An introduction to social psychology Dewey, John 1922
  Art of practical thinking: An informal discussion for the intelligent layman, with examples taken mainly from the field of business, The Weil Jr., Richard 1940
  Human nature and the social order Thorndike, E. L. 1940
  Psychotherapy in medical practice Levene, Maurice 1942
  Life and ways of the two-year-old: A teacher's study Woodcock, Louise P. 1941
  Psychology of the child: Mental and physical growth Nagge, Joseph William 1942
  Helping teachers understand children   1945
  Motivation and visual factors: Individual studies of college students Bender, Irving E.; Imus, Henry A.; Rothney, John W. M.; Kemple, Camilla; England, Mary R. 1942
  How we learn Bode, Boyd Henry 1940
  Introduction to psychiatry Biddle, W. Earl; van Sickel, Mildred 1943
  Infancy and human growth Gesell, Arnold 1928
  Introduction to psychobiology and psychiatry: A textbook for nurses Loring Richards, Esther 1941