Getting Full Text for Documents Found in PsycINFO®

Check Your Library First

Your library is your first resource. The journal or book you found may be available in electronic or print forms through your library.

APA and the third-party vendors who distribute PsycINFO® insert DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) or other links that may lead you directly to an electronic copy.


APA Journals and Books

Your library may have purchased access for the institution. APA offers site licenses that provide remote access for authorized users to this database of more than 50 journal titles.

PsycARTICLES® Direct
APA offers transactional sales for articles and selected book chapters. You can search free and pay a small fee for any articles or chapters you download.

Your library may have purchased access for your institution. APA offers site licenses for a database of full text books published by APA and others.


Other Publishers' Journals and Books

Links in PsycINFO may take you to access provided by your library.

Also in the PsycINFO record you may find a link to an opportunity to buy the article from the publisher or to a document delivery service.

Visit the PsycINFO Journal Coverage List to get the Publisher URL.

Contact a document delivery service directly. See Infotrieve and National Publishing Archives below.

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