Frequently Asked Questions About PsycTHERAPY®

What is PsycTHERAPY?

PsycTHERAPY® is a streaming video database of therapy demonstrations with more than 300 videos showing various treatment approaches; PsycTHERAPY is intended for educational purposes, specifically in clinical training and counselor education.


Where do the videos in PsycTHERAPY come from?

All videos in PsycTHERAPY were originally taped in conjunction with the APA Psychotherapy Video Series and will only be available in PsycTHERAPY. There is no overlap between the video series and the database. For more information, please visit the PsycTHERAPY homepage.


How current is the content in PsycTHERAPY?

All of the therapy demonstrations in the PsycTHERAPY database were taped within the past ten years.


How do I access PsycTHERAPY?

At this time, PsycTHERAPY is available only to higher education institutions. Libraries should consult PsycTHERAPY Site License Data Fee for Institutions for pricing information.


What vendors offer PsycTHERAPY?

At this time, PsycTHERAPY is available only from APA on the APA PsycNET® platform.


My institution accesses APA databases on a platform other than PsycNET. Can we use PsycNET to subscribe just to PsycTHERAPY?

Yes! PsycTHERAPY subscribers are under no obligation to move their other APA database subscriptions onto PsycNET.


What are APA's plans for adding videos to the database?

PsycTHERAPY will be updated biannually with 40–80 hours of new therapy demonstrations per year.


What are the technical requirements for using PsycTHERAPY?

PsycTHERAPY is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher (PC only), and Firefox 3.0 or higher (Mac or PC).

Video resources are accessible with Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher.


What kinds of administrative functions — such as OPAC connections, MARC records and usage reports — are available for libraries that license PsycTHERAPY?

APA provides MARC records for the videos in PsycTHERAPY so that libraries may use them in their online catalogs. Records are generic so that librarians may change them to fit their institution's cataloging system.

Usage reports will be available to subscribing institutions. To access usage reports or MARC records for your institution, visit the APA PsycNET Admin Center.


Can our users access PsycTHERAPY via our proxy server? Do permalinks to videos include a proxy prefix?

Yes, you can enable access to PsycTHERAPY via your institution's proxy server. Please note that at this time, proxy prefixes are not automatically included in video permalinks.


Can the videos in PsycTHERAPY be downloaded for offline viewing?

No, the videos are only available as streaming media.


Who should I contact for more information?

To get more information or for technical support, email PsycTHERAPY or call our toll-free line at 1-800-374-2722.

For free trials or quotes, call 1-877-236-2941 (toll-free within the U.S.) or 1-202-336-5648 or send an email to Quotes.