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    Multicultural Summit Sponsorship Agreement[PDF]
    Terms for sponsoring the APA Divisions 2015 Multicultural Summit.
    Brochure/Pamphlet (January 2015)

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    Role of Psychology in Perinatal Depression[PDF]
    Recent guidelines discourage pharmacological treatment of depression in pregnant and lactating women in favor of psychotherapeutic intervention.
    Fact Sheet (March 2014)

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    Role of Psychology in Heart Disease and Depression[PDF]
    A large study demonstrated that brief psychotherapy for depressed patients after a heart attack is effective in reducing depression, rehospitalization and medical costs.
    Fact Sheet (March 2014)

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    Role of Psychology in Breast Cancer[PDF]
    Psychologists can utilize diagnostic measures and interviewing techniques to assess psychosocial distress and body image concerns.
    Fact Sheet (March 2014)

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    Role of Psychology in Child and Adolescent Obesity Care[PDF]
    About one-third of children and youth between 2 and 19 years of age are overweight or obese. In the last three decades, the percentage of obese children ages 5 years and under has doubled and has tripled for 6- to 19-year-olds, with African-American girls disproportionately affected.
    Fact Sheet (February 2014)

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    Role of Psychology in Adult Obesity[PDF]
    More than one-third of the U.S. adult population is obese, with African-American women having the highest rates. Evidence suggests the association between lower socioeconomic status and greater risk of obesity is more consistent among women than men.
    Fact Sheet (February 2014)

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    Role of Psychology in Pediatric Cancer[PDF]
    In the U.S., at least 12,000 children younger than age 15 are diagnosed with invasive cancer annually. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is the most common diagnosis, with 2,400 cases identified yearly.
    Fact Sheet (February 2014)

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    House Ad: Version 2 – Young adults at the gym[PDF]
    House ads for print or electronic publication: Young adults at the gym [4.5’’ x 4.5’’]
    Fact Sheet (January 2014)

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    House Ad: Version 3 – Hands on a tug-of-war rope[PDF]
    House ads for print or electronic publication: Hands on a tug-of-war rope [4.5’’ x 4.5’’]
    Fact Sheet (January 2014)

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    House Ad 6.875’’ x 5.5’’: Version 1 –Young boy flexing muscles[PDF]
    House ads for print or electronic publication: Young boy flexing muscles [6.875’’ x 5.5’’]
    Fact Sheet (January 2014)

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