APA Task Force on External Funding

APA Task Force on External Funding

At its June 6-8, 2002, meeting, the APA Board of Directors approved the establishment of a task force to address the issue of how funds from pharmaceutical companies and other corporate bodies might impact APA and how APA might prepare to respond proactively.

Then APA President Dr. Zimbardo appointed members to the Task Force in December. Members of the Task Force on External Funding included: David Oliver Antonuccio, PhD; Ronald Fox, PhD (co-chair); Wendy Pachter, PhD, JD (co-chair); Charles Roberts Schuster, PhD; Maxine Stitzer, PhD; Jalie Tucker, PhD; Elliot Valenstein, PhD; and Philip Zimbardo, PhD.

Comments were sought on a draft report from APA boards and committees at the March 2005 consolidated meeting. The Board of Directors received the final Report of the Task Force on External Funding at its June 10-12, 2005 meeting and offered the following directives pursuant to the report:

Due to the significant information provided in the Task Force Report regarding funding practices of the pharmaceutical industry, the Board requests that the Executive Management Group (EMG) use the Report to advise its decision making in those cases where external funding by a pharmaceutical company or a related entity would exceed $25,000 in a calendar year. Furthermore, the Board encourages EMG to use the Report to advise its decision making about any pharmaceutical industry funding for the annual APA convention. The Board also requests that such decisions be reported to the Board and to Council on an annual basis

The Board recognized that the Task Force made additional recommendations in other areas (e.g. annual convention, research and journals, continuing education). The Board encouraged all other APA governance groups to consider the Task Force recommendations when shaping future policies in those and other relevant areas.

 This report has been received by the APA Board of Directors and provided to the APA Council of Representatives as information. It has not been adopted as APA policy by the APA Council and therefore does not commit APA to the activities or opinions described.