2009 Presidential Task Force on the Future of Psychology Practice Final Report


Psychological practice in the 21st century requires that we change our traditional ways of practice and create a vision to take advantage of the new possibilities in society. In response to the changing practice environment James H. Bray, Ph.D., created the Future of Psychology Practice presidential initiative. Dr. Bray convened the Presidential Task Force on the Future of Psychology Practice in 2008 to address practitioners’ needs and create a new vision for the future of psychology practice. Task Force members, which began meeting in July 2008, represented a diversity of practice areas, APA divisions and governance groups.

During its meetings, the Task Force discussed the broad focus of the Task Force and the need to be mindful of the expectations of the practice community related to its work. Additional topics discussed during the July 2008 meeting included the need to formulate recommendations on policies related to practice for consideration by the APA Council of Representatives, and recommendations that could inform the strategic plan of the APA Practice Directorate and APA Practice Organization (APAPO).

Consistent with the APA strategic plan, Task Force members agreed that a major focus of its work was to create a vision for the future of psychology practice. The Task Force also hoped to identify new opportunities and possibilities to assist practitioners in creating new models of practice for today and the future.

The goals of the Task Force centered on identifying:

  • Opportunities for future practice, based on an emerging science, to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse public.
  • Strategies and tactics to effectively address these opportunities.
  • Sustainable partnerships to implement new opportunities for practice and to develop a common public policy agenda.

To achieve its goals, the Task Force planned and convened the Presidential Summit on the Future of Psychology Practice: Collaborating for Change.

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