2004 Report of the APA Task Force on Sexual Orientation and Military Service


The APA Board of Directors established the Task Force on Sexual Orientation and Military Service in October 2003. During its inaugural meeting in January 2004, the Task Force reviewed APA’s current policy on sexual orientation and military service and considered issues of common concern about the negative effects of the current U.S. statute, popularly known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The issues of common concern that were identified by the Task Force included:

  • Confidentiality for military service members within mental health services;

  • The training of service members;

  • The training of military psychologists;

  • Consultation with military mental health providers;

  • The Department of Defense implementation of the Policy Concerning Homosexuality in the Armed Forces and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

The Task Force also consulted with the APA Ethics Office regarding the ethical issues that might arise for military psychologists, and discussed the possibility of collaboration among the Ethics Committee, Divisions 19 and 44 and APAGS in the development of educational resources to help address these issues.

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