Upcoming Special Sections

  • ADHD Across Development: Risk and Resilience Factors
    Co-editors: Jeff N. Epstein, Steve S. Lee (Guest Editor), and Margaret H. Sibley (Guest Editor)
    Anticipated publication: February 2016

Recent Special Sections

  • Ontogenic Process Models of Psychopathology
    Co-editors: Theodore P. Beauchaine (Guest Editor) and Sherryl H. Goodman
    Publication: November 2015 - Volume 124, Issue 4
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  • Stress Sensitivity in Psychopathology: Mechanisms and Consequences
    Co-editors: Kate L. Harkness, Elizabeth P. Hayden (Guest Editor), Nestor L. Lopez-Duran (Guest Editor)
    The goal of this special section is to examine the mechanisms of enhanced sensitivity and sensitization to stress as they influence the etiology and pathophysiology of psychopathology
    Publication: February 2015 - Volume 124, Issue 1
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