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eISSN: 1935-990X
Published: nine times a year, beginning in January
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Psychology - Multidisciplinary : 8 of 127
This journal is a publication of American Psychological Association

American Psychologist ® is the official journal of the American Psychological Association. As such, the journal contains archival documents and articles covering current issues in psychology, the science and practice of psychology, and psychology's contribution to public policy.

Archival and Association documents include, but are not limited to

  • the Annual Report of the Association
  • Council minutes
  • the Presidential Address
  • editorials
  • other reports of the Association
  • ethics information
  • surveys of the membership
  • employment data
  • obituaries
  • calendars of events
  • announcements
  • selected award addresses

Manuscript submissions for the Obituaries section are by invitation only.

Articles published cover all aspects of psychology. Submissions should be current, timely, and of interest to the broad APA membership; they should be written in a style that is accessible and of interest to all psychologists, regardless of area of specialization.

American Psychologist contributions often address national and international policy issues as well as topics relevant to Association policy and activities.

The journal does not publish empirical research results that it deems more suitable for a specialty journal, except under special circumstances to be determined by the editor-in-chief. However, papers submitted to American Psychologist may include meta-analysis or some data analysis on salient points where the intention is to support arguments of broad implication in the field of psychology.

As the official journal of the APA, AP does not prohibit manuscripts on any topic as long as they meet the criteria for publication in AP. For manuscripts that are accepted for publication that advocate policies counter to those of the Association, AP reserves the right to publish an accompanying article articulating the basis for Association policy and addressing any criticisms.

Comments on the policies of the Association and articles published in AP are also considered for the AP Comment section. Comments on obituaries are not published. Statements contained in AP are the personal views of the authors and do not constitute APA policy unless so indicated.

Reports from APA boards, committees, and task forces may be submitted and are subject to review. The journal occasionally publishes special sections or special issues on particular topics.

American Psychologist® is a registered trademark of American Psychological Association
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