Possible Couple/Family Clinical Case Study Outline for Couple and Family Psychology®

I. Describe Couple/Family Background Information and Referral Concern

II. Overview of Assessment Process and Methods

  • Describe measures selected and rationale
  • Describe assessment process

III. Pre-Intervention Assessment Results and Interpretation

  • Describe data and interpretation
  • Provide formal DSM diagnoses (all that apply: Axis 1, Axis II, Axis IV, and Relational V codes)
  • Provide relational diagnoses and systemic hypotheses contributing to and maintaining referral concern

IV. Treatment Goals, Plan, and Model

  • Short-term goals, long-term goals
  • Couple/family goals; therapist goals
  • Briefly describe therapeutic approach and rationale

V. Process of Change

  • Describe therapy process
  • Describe progress towards goals
  • Techniques used to achieve specific goals
  • Include revisions of hypotheses and treatment plan (if applicable)
  • Verbatim clinical vignettes
  • Describe visible and reported change in thoughts, processes, behaviors, and mood
  • Decision to terminate

VI. Post-Treatment Outcome Data

  • Report outcome data
  • Calculate RCI
  • Determine outcome classification

VII. Discussion

  • Implications for clinical theory and practice