Submission Deadline

  • November 20, 2014


Recently, the Society of Pediatric Psychology Task Force on Competencies and Best Training Practices in Pediatric Psychology proposed core competencies in pediatric psychology across training levels ranging from initial coursework and practicum training to entry into the professional workforce in pediatric psychology (Palermo, Janicke, McQuaid, Mullins, Robins, & Wu, in press).

As part of the continuing efforts of the task force, this special issue is intended to provide rich illustrations of how training programs are achieving and evaluating specific competencies.

The issue on "Best Training Practices in Pediatric Psychology" seeks manuscripts on a wide variety of topics on practical applications of the competencies within training programs at the doctoral, internship, and postdoctoral level.

Specifically, we are interested in illustrations of best practices within a specific competency cluster area (e.g., interpersonal, science, professionalism, systems) and/or by training level (e.g., postdoctoral training).

In addition, submissions may focus on specific issues and challenges regarding implementation, sequence of training, use of technology in training, competency evaluation, and the development of or expansion of training sites and opportunities. We are especially interested in innovation in the application of competencies.

Manuscripts for the special issue should be no longer than 2,000 words with a maximum of one table or figure. All submissions should clearly describe the application of the competencies to the published training recommendations. Complete reference is: Palermo, T. M., Janicke, D. M., McQuaid, E. L., Mullins, L. L., Robins, P. M., & Wu, Y. P. Recommendations for training in pediatric psychology: Defining core competencies across training levels. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, pp. 1–20. ePub ahead of print (April 8, 2014).

Editors for the special issue will include the Society of Pediatric Psychology Task Force on Competencies and Best Training Practices in Pediatric Psychology including Tonya Palermo, PhD, David M. Janicke, PhD, Paul Robins, PhD, Yelena Wu, PhD, Larry L. Mullins, PhD, and Elizabeth McQuaid, PhD

We highly encourage inquiries regarding the proposed submissions. Please direct inquiries about the special issue to Tonya Palermo.

Manuscript submissions for the special issue are due by November 20, 2014.

Please submit manuscripts electronically through the journal's online submission website and include a cover letter stating that you would like the manuscript considered for this special issue.

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