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eISSN: 1931-1516
Published: bi-monthly, beginning in February
ISI Impact Factor: 3.371
Psychology - Experimental : 13 of 83

Emotion ® publishes significant contributions to the study of emotion from a wide range of theoretical traditions and research domains. The journal includes articles that advance knowledge and theory about all aspects of emotional processes, including reports of substantial empirical studies, scholarly reviews, and major theoretical articles.

Submissions from all domains of emotion research are encouraged, including studies focusing on cultural, social, temperament and personality, cognitive, developmental, health, or biological variables that affect or are affected by emotional functioning. Both laboratory and field studies are appropriate for the journal, as are neuroimaging studies of emotional processes. Studies of psychopathology contributing to the understanding of the role of emotional processes in affective and behavioral disorders are also welcome. Reports of work at the animal and molecular levels will be considered if they help to elucidate fundamental mechanisms of emotion.

Most of the articles published in Emotion will be reports of original research, but other types of articles are acceptable.

  • Case studies from either a clinical setting or a laboratory will be considered if they raise or illustrate important questions that go beyond the single case and have heuristic value.
  • Articles that present or discuss theoretical formulations of emotion and related affective phenomena, or that evaluate competing theoretical perspectives on the basis of published data, may also be accepted.
  • Comprehensive reviews of the empirical literature in an area of study are acceptable if they contain a meta-analysis and/or present novel theoretical or methodological perspectives.
  • Comments on articles published in the journal will be considered.
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