Call for Papers: Implicit Processes in Health Psychology

Important Dates

  • November 3, 2014: deadline to submit short proposal outlining planned submission
  • November 30, 2014: invitations to submit a full manuscript received
  • March 2, 2015: manuscript submission deadline

Editors and Special Issue Consultants

  • Editors: Paschal Sheeran and Jos Bosch
  • Special Issue Consultants: Reinout Wiers, University of Amsterdam; Jennifer Harris, Yale University; Esther Papies, Utrecht University; Peter Hall, University of Waterloo; and Geert Crombez,Ghent University

Call for Papers Details

The field of Health Psychology has historically been concerned with the role of conscious, reflective processes in understanding and promoting health-related affect, cognition, physiology, and behavior. Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning interest in the additional role of implicit processes, such as attentional, interpretational, and memory biases, impulses, habits, automatic attitudes, and priming effects.

The time seems ripe to increase awareness of this work and to take stock of the new insights it has afforded. With this call for papers, we hope to attract outstanding exemplars of research that demonstrates the added value of investigating implicit processes for theory and practice in Health Psychology.

  • Advances are anticipated, in particular, from studies that address any of the following topics:
  • Implicit processes as determinants or predictors (over time, between contexts) of health behaviors, health communication, decision making, pain, symptom reporting, or physiology.
  • Tests of interventions in this area.
  • The interplay between implicit processes and explicit factors (e.g., intentions, appraisals, beliefs) as a determinant of health outcomes, as well as the interplay with affective and contextual factors.
  • Research on implicit processes and health that ventures new levels of analysis and integration; for instance, drawing upon developments in neuroscience, biology, life span research, clinical and social psychology, public health, marketing, or behavioral economics.
  • Novel tools and methods for assessing and influencing implicit processes outside the research laboratory (e.g., ecological momentary assessment, e-applications), or innovative integration with existing methods (e.g., eye-tracking, mTMS) that afford a better mechanistic understanding.

Theoretical and review papers, including meta-analyses, are welcome insofar as they provide new knowledge and have the potential to contribute significantly to debate or policy.

We invite submissions not only from health psychologists but also from researchers who study health and illness from the perspective of other disciplines. We aim to include research involving diverse settings and populations, and a range of health outcomes.

Instructions to authors

  • Researchers wishing to submit a manuscript in response to this call for papers must send a short proposal (maximum of 400 words) that outlines the plan for a full manuscript to Paschal Sheeran and Jos Bosch by November 3, 2014. The proposals should outline the findings to be reported in the paper and how they align with the theme of the special issue.
  • Authors of successful proposals will receive an invitation to submit a full manuscript before November 30, 2014.
  • Note that final manuscripts will be due March 2, 2015. All submissions will be peer reviewed and should be prepared in accordance with Health Psychology’s Instructions to Authors, and submitted through the journal portal.
  • Please indicate in the cover letter accompanying your manuscript that you would like to have the paper considered for the special issue Implicit Processes in Health Psychology.

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