Call for Brief Reports: Null Results and Failures to Replicate

Journal of Psychotherapy Integration

Journal of Psychotherapy Integration will start publishing a new recurring brief reports section titled, "Surprise, Surprise: Interesting Null Results and Failures to Replicate."

In an era when findings from psychological science are called into question, it is especially important to publish carefully constructed studies that yield surprising null results and/or failures at replicating "known" effects.

The following 2012 article published in Journal of Psychotherapy Integration is a good example of a paper that would be appropriate for this section:

DeGeorge, J., & Constantino, M. (2012). Perceptions of analogue therapist empathy as a function of salient experience. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 22, 52-59.

Submitted manuscripts should not exceed 2500 words, including references. Manuscript should be submitted electronically through the journal’s submission portal under Instructions to Authors.

Please note in your cover letter that you are submitting for this brief reports section. We look forward to your submissions!

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