General Call for Papers

Journal of Psychotherapy Integration

It is with excitement and earnestness that we assume the roles of Editor and Associate Editors for the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration and encourage you to submit your manuscript for consideration to be published in the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration.

The Journal of Psychotherapy Integration is devoted to publishing original peer-reviewed papers that move beyond the confines of single-school or single-theory approaches to psychotherapy and behavior change and that significantly advance current knowledge of psychotherapy integration.

Our goal is to enhance such investigations by fostering the research-practice dialogue. We therefore strongly encourage submissions of

  • manuscripts presenting innovative and exciting clinical material that is pertinent to psychotherapy integration. We prefer experimental case studies or case studies for which there is pre-post treatment data, but will accept qualitative case studies as well, provided that they illuminate central, or novel, issues in psychotherapy integration
  • manuscripts presenting, or reviewing, empirical data pertaining to psychotherapy outcome and process, comparing various treatments, but also testing and investigating integrative ones
  • empirical manuscripts predicated upon mixed methods (i.e., qualitative and quantitative methods)
  • theoretical articles on a wide range of issues relevant to psychotherapy integration

Moreover, we encourage submissions focusing on basic clinical research, cutting across concepts and processes identified by differential approaches. For example, pertinent manuscripts might tackle the psychodynamic underpinnings of causal attributions, the links between family systems, coping, and personality, or the neurobiological basis of integrative interventions. These manuscripts should routinely include a concluding section tying the data and findings to the prospect, promise, and potential pitfalls of psychotherapy integration.

Submitted manuscripts must be written in the style outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) and should be submitted electronically through the journal's Manuscript Submission Portal. See the Instructions to Authors tab on the journal's web page for further details.

We hope you will consider submitting your paper for review by the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration.


Golan Shahar, Editor, Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Jack Anchin, Associate Editor, Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
University of Buffalo, USA

William H. Gottidiener, Associate Editor, Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
John J. College of Criminal Justice, USA

Kenneth N. Levy, Associate Editor, Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Nilly Mor, Associate Editor, Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel

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