Psychology, Public Policy, and Law®

ISSN: 1076-8971
eISSN: 1939-1528
Published: quarterly, beginning in February
ISI Impact Factor: 1.723
Law : 16 of 131

Psychology, Public Policy, and Law ® provides a forum to critically evaluate the contributions of psychology and related disciplines (hereinafter psychology) to public policy and legal issues, and vice versa. It is intended to appeal to law professors, legal professionals, judges, and public policy analysts, as well as psychology researchers and practitioners working at the interface of the three fields.

The journal publishes theoretical and empirical articles that

  • critically evaluate the contributions and potential contributions of psychology to public policy and legal issues;
  • assess the desirability of different public policy and legal alternatives in light of the scientific knowledge base in psychology;
  • articulate research needs that address public policy and legal issues for which there is currently insufficient theoretical and empirical knowledge;
  • present empirical work that makes a significant contribution to the application of psychological knowledge to public policy or the law; and
  • examine public policy and legal issues relating to the conduct of psychology and related disciplines (e.g., human subjects, protection policies; informed consent procedures).

Although some of these issues may be addressed in articles currently being submitted to traditional law reviews, this publication uniquely provides peer review, scientific and legal input, and editorial guidance from psychologists and lawyers. Through publication in a single forum, it will also focus attention of scholarly, public policy, and legal audiences on such work.

Psychology, Public Policy, and Law® is a registered trademark of American Psychological Association
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