Call for Papers: Psychoanalysis and the Humanities In Crisis

Important Dates

  • July 1, 2014: deadline to submit letters of interest
  • December 31, 2014: manuscript submission deadline
  • October 2015: tentative publication date

Call for Papers Details

Psychoanalytic Psychology, the official journal of APA Division 39 (Psychoanalysis) plans to publish a special issue on the topic of "Psychoanalysis and the Humanities In Crisis."

We are soliciting articles and reviews that reflect on the current state of both fields.

  • Are the crises that have been attributed to both the same or different?
  • Is psychoanalysis a discipline that ought to identify more with the humanities?
  • Or should it aspire to have a scientific identity or an identity, perhaps, that straddles the humanities and the sciences.

We are also open to articles and reviews that use psychoanalysis as a tool in the humanities, especially if they would be engaging to an audience of psychologists.

Please see the Instructions for Authors, and submit manuscripts using the Manuscript Submission Portal.

Please submit a letter of interest, describing your project, and your CV.

Manuscripts will be due on December 31, 2014.

Publication is tentatively planned for October 2015.

Please send letters of interest to the editors, Elliot L. Jurist and Spyros Orfanos.

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