Author and Reviewer Resources for Psychotherapy

Author and Reviewer Resources for Psychotherapy
Several resources are available for authors and reviewers submitting or reviewing papers for Psychotherapy. Find information on how to submit your articles, formatting guidelines and aids, publication forms, statistical aids, reviewer guidelines, and general information about Division 29.
APA Publication Forms
Presentation and Formatting Aids
Statistical Aids
  • Dr. Marley Watkins has several outstanding programs in both Mac and PC formats, free of charge and available for download at his website. Included there are several different statistical programs especially relevant for psychotherapy research such as the calculation of Effect Size, Reliable Change Index, Diagnostic Utility (including Odds Ratio & Likelihood Ratio), Receiver Operating Characteristics, Standard Score Converter, Probability Calculator, Alpha N Size Calculator, Random Number Generation, and many, many more.
  • Dr. David Wilson has created an Excel program not only for the calculation of Effect Size (ES_Calculator.xls at bottom of page), but also for the conversion of a wide range of different statistical data into Pearson r, Cohen's d & g. In addition, he also has an Excel program for conducting Power Analysis in a compressed zip file.
  • Dr. Marc Diener has created an Excel program that performs Meta-Analytic calculations (including average weighted effect size, statistical significance, confidence intervals, and homogeneity test) for correlation coefficients (r) according to four major methods (Hunter & Schmidt: Random Effects; Rosenthal: Fixed Effects; Hedges: Random & Fixed Effects). In addition, it provides results of file drawer analysis (Hunter & Schmidt) and includes worksheets for transforming raw data found in primary studies into correlation coefficients. This program is free and available to download (select the file named metaanalysisprogramv.3.5.xls).
  • Dr. John Pezzullo has collected an extensive index of web pages (>350), worldwide, that perform a wide variety of statistical calculations as well as table, chart and graphing programs.
  • Dr. David Kenny provides extensive tutorial information and SPSS instructions for Dyadic Data, Mediation, Meta-Analysis, Moderation and Structural Equation Modeling analyses.
  • Dr. David MacKinnon provides extensive tutorial information on statistical Mediation as well as several references that are free for download.
  • Dr. Daniel Soper provides several useful statistic programs, free of charge and available download at his website, that perform a wide variety of statistical calculations such as Total Effect Size and Sobel Test Calculators for Mediation Models, Effect Size Calculator for Hierarchical Multiple Regression as well as Multiple Regression, Cumulative Distribution Functions (CDF), Probability Density Functions (PDF), Probability Mass Functions (PMF), and Gamma Functions.
Manuscript Evaluation Information For Reviewers
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