Qualitative Psychology

ISSN: 2326-3598
eISSN: 2326-3601
Published: biannually, beginning in February

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Qualitative Psychology Makes a Comeback
Incoming editor Ruthellen Josselson seeks to bring this form of inquiry back to the important position it deserves
(from Monitor on Psychology, September 2013)


The mission of the journal Qualitative Psychology is to provide a forum for innovative methodological, theoretical, and empirical work that advances qualitative inquiry in psychology. The Journal will publish articles that underscore the distinctive contributions that qualitative research can make to the advancement of psychological knowledge. Studies published in this Journal will often focus on substantive topics, while also highlighting issues of epistemology, the philosophy of science, methodological criteria, or other matters bearing upon the formulation, execution, and interpretation of qualitative research.

Qualitative Psychology will publish studies that represent a wide variety of methodological approaches including narrative, discourse analysis, life history, phenomenology, ethnography, action research, and case study. The Journal is further concerned with discussions of teaching qualitative research and training of qualitative researchers.

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