Spirituality in Clinical Practice

ISSN: 2326-4500
eISSN: 2326-4519
Published: quarterly, beginning in 2014
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Spirituality in Clinical Practice
from Monitor on Psychology, October 2013


Spirituality in Clinical Practice (SCP) is a practice-oriented journal that encompasses spiritually-oriented psychotherapy and spirituality-sensitive cultural approaches to treatment and wellness. SCP is dedicated to integrating psychospiritual and other spiritually-oriented interventions involved in psychotherapy, consultation, coaching, health, and wellness.

SCP provides a forum for those engaged in clinical activities to report on — and dialogue about — their activities to inform treatment models and future research initiatives. SCP fosters original scientific development in the field by highlighting actual and potential professional applications of spirituality in clinical practice. SCP seeks to initiate research questions through clinical insight and to introduce practice approaches supported or guided by existing research.

SCP welcomes application of models from the related fields of medicine, integrative medicine, biology, neuroscience, ethnology, anthropology, and natural sciences.

Research articles are highly encouraged on clinical conceptualization or settings, including studies on models, processes, or treatment approaches. Treatment studies may include clinical trials at any phase; studies on feasibility, curative factors, strategy, process, efficacy, or effectiveness; and meta-analytic or mixed-methods studies.

SCP publishes articles, reviews, commentaries, reflections, and practice case reports. To establish a dialogue, articles and related commentaries are published in the same issue.

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