Call for Papers: Military/Veteran Children and Families

Submission Deadline

  • April 30, 2014

Guest Editors

  • Patti Johnson
  • Michelle Sherman


The editorial staff of the APA Division 18 (Psychologists in Public Service) journal, Psychological Services, is extending an invitation for manuscripts to be considered for a special issue on military/veteran children and families. Drs. Patti Johnson and Michelle Sherman have agreed to serve as our guest editors.

Understanding the complexity of the psychological health needs of our military/veteran children and families and translating evidence-based interventions to address the unique needs of this population is critically important.

While research has shown that combat deployment can have a negative impact on child and family functioning, the ongoing ramifications of the past decade of war and its aftermath requires further study and understanding. Additionally, results of scientific evaluation of innovative or evidence-based interventions for military/veteran children and families are just emerging.

This special issue is devoted to enhancing the professional knowledge base related to the psychological health needs of this special population and what can be done to address those needs within public sector settings. Military/veteran children and families have carried a heavy burden over the past decade; understanding their needs and evaluating services to help them are critical to improving their psychological well-being.

This special section is focused on four primary areas related to understanding and enhancing the psychological functioning of military/veteran children and families:

  1. Research on the impact of deployment, stresses of military service, and/or the aftermath of war (i.e., PTSD in service members, bereavement, etc.) on the psychological adjustment and functioning of military/veteran children and families. Studies that utilize strong sampling strategies with solid measurement are particularly welcomed.
  2. Identification of critical risk factors and predictors of adjustment, both positive and negative, for children and families in military and veteran populations are needed. Studies that utilize solid measurements and research designs (i.e., longitudinal) are especially desired.
  3. Investigations that focus on theoretical frameworks related to the psychological adjustment of military/veteran children and families are critically needed. Theory based studies with clearly delineated hypotheses are particularly important.
  4. Finally, information on the translation of evidence-based approaches designed to reduce the effects of military stressors on this population is critical. This area of research is in need of empirical studies that test well-designed interventions. Such studies are strongly welcomed, especially as they relate to treatments that address the specific psychological health needs of military/veteran children and families that can be utilized by public sector providers.

Meta-analytic papers, theoretical-based papers, and empirical papers are all welcomed for submission.

To promote the utility of this special section, all papers submitted must have a clinical application section that outlines the importance of the findings for the health and wellbeing of public service psychologists.

The deadline for receipt of papers for this special section is April 30, 2014.

Please follow the Instructions to Authors information located on the Psychological Services homepage.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through our Manuscript Submission Portal.

Please specify in your cover letter that the submission is intended for the special section on military/veteran children and families, and address your letter to Dr. Lisa Kearney, Associate Editor.

All papers submitted will be initially screened by the editorial board and then sent out for blind peer review, if evaluated as appropriate for the journal.

For further questions related to this special section, please contact Dr. Kearney.

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