Call for Papers: Self Help Approaches to Change in Organized Care Settings — The Role of Psychological Services

Submission Deadline

  • December 1, 2014

Submission Details

The editorial staff of Psychological Services® extends an invitation for manuscripts to be considered for a special section on psychological services and self-help approaches to change that occur within organized care settings.

Manuscripts including those reporting general outcomes data and clinical assessment methods are welcome, but must attend to the focus of the call: the role of psychological services in self-help approaches to change within organized care settings. 

Some examples of such clinical assessment methods are as follows:

  • cost savings analyses
  • customer satisfaction
  • mental health symptom change
  • increased assessment reliability and validity
  • intervention impact on various spheres of psychosocial functioning

Review papers, theoretical papers, and empirical papers are also welcomed for submission.

Please follow the Instructions to Authors information located on the Psychological Services website.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the Manuscript Submission Web Portal.

Please specify in your cover letter that the submission is intended for the special section on psychological services and self-help approaches to change and address your letter to Dr. Phil Magaletta, Associate Editor, Psychological Services.

All submitted papers will be initially screened by the editorial board and then sent out for blind peer review, if evaluated as appropriate for the journal.

For further questions related to this special section, please email Dr. Magaletta.


Scholarship repeatedly acknowledges that the set of beliefs, practices and experiences collectively known as self-help, are the most frequently attempted method of change. Across care settings, populations, and type of disorder, these approaches to change are used more frequently than any other.

Broadly acknowledging the numerous ways that psychological services can be used to introduce, support, or extend the impact of these approaches to change, this special section is soliciting studies on the role of psychological services in self-help approaches to change within organized care settings.

Examples include:

  • The use of psychological service assessments, treatments, or mobile applications to extend or support various self-help outcomes.
  • The extension and modification of psychological interventions, clinical assessments, and mobile applications to introduce self-help methods of change.
  • Studies examining psychological services as a mechanism of influence proximal to 12-step or other self-help approaches.
  • Program evaluations of a-synchronous, interactive journaling programs or structured bibliotherapies as a self-administered, psychological service.
  • Scholarly reviews of self-help literatures across various organized care settings with recommendations for psychological service extension, support, or modification.
  • Psychological services or programs focused upon re-entry after incarceration using self-help methodologies to build pro-social networks of support.
  • Psychological services or programs for individuals upon return to a family after a chronic illness, hospitalization, military deployment, or substance abuse treatment that use self-help methodologies to build pro-social, health focused support networks.

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