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Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Health Psychology

Vol. 70, No. 3, June 2002
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About the special issue

This collection of articles follows prior special issues on behavioral medicine published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1982 and 1992. From the vantage point of the Decade of Behavior, the field has grown in scope, depth of basic science foundations, and evidence of applied utility. Yet many challenges remain — especially in addressing a wide range of health problems across diverse populations and in a health care context characterized by rapid changes in technology and by a growing concern with costs and evidence-based practice.

Articles in this issue

Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Health Psychology: Introduction to the Special Issue, A View From the Decade of Behavior
Pages 459–462
Smith, Timothy W.; Kendall, Philip C.; Keefe, Francis J.

Sociodemographic Diversity and Behavioral Medicine
Pages 463–481
Whitfield, Keith E.; Weidner, Gerdi; Clark, Rodney; Anderson, Norman B.

Applications of Cost-Effectiveness Methodologies in Behavioral Medicine
Pages 482–493
Kaplan, Robert M.; Groessl, Erik J.

Smoking Cessation: Progress, Priorities, and Prospectus
Pages 494–509
Niaura, Raymond; Abrams, David B.

Obesity: Responding to the Global Epidemic
Pages 510–525
Wadden, Thomas A.; Brownell, Kelly D.; Foster, Gary D.

Physical Activity and Exercise: Recent Advances and Current Challenges
Pages 526–536
Dubbert, Patricia M.

Psychoneuroimmunology: Psychological Influences on Immune Function and Health
Pages 537–547
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice K.; McGuire, Lynanne; Robles, Theodore F.; Glaser, Ronald

Psychosocial Influences on the Development and Course of Coronary Heart Disease: Current Status and Implications for Research and Practice
Pages 548–568
Smith, Timothy W.; Ruiz, John M.

Biobehavioral Approaches to the Treatment of Essential Hypertension
Pages 569–589
Blumenthal, James A.; Sherwood, Andrew; Gullette, Elizabeth C. D.; Georgiades, Anastasia; Tweedy, Damon

Biobehavioral Outcomes Following Psychological Interventions for Cancer Patients
Pages 590–610
Andersen, Barbara L.

Diabetes and Behavioral Medicine: The Second Decade
Pages 611–625
Gonder-Frederick, Linda A.; Cox, Daniel J.; Ritterband, Lee M.

Behavioral Research in HIV/AIDS Primary and Secondary Prevention: Recent Advances and Future Directions
Pages 626–639
Kelly, Jeffrey A.; Kalichman, Seth C.

Recent Advances and Future Directions in the Biopsychosocial Assessment and Treatment of Arthritis
Pages 640–655
Keefe, Francis J.; Smith, Suzanne J.; Buffington, Angela L. H.; Gibson, Jessica; Studts, Jamie L.; Caldwell, David S.

Assessment and Psychological Management of Recurrent Headache Disorders
Pages 656–677
Holroyd, Kenneth A.

Psychological Factors in Chronic Pain: Evolution and Revolution
Pages 678–690
Turk, Dennis C.; Okifuji, Akiko

Psychological Aspects of Asthma
Pages 691–711
Lehrer, Paul; Feldman, Jonathan; Giardino, Nicholas; Song, Hye-Sue; Schmaling, Karen

Psychological Factors in End-Stage Renal Disease: An Emerging Context for Behavioral Medicine Research
Pages 712–724
Christensen, Alan J.; Ehlers, Shawna L.

Psychosocial Aspects of Assessment and Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Adults and Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Children
Pages 725–738
Blanchard, Edward B.; Scharff, Lisa

Psychosocial Factors in Peptic Ulcer and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Pages 739–750
Levenstein, Susan

Psychosocial Aspects of Selected Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Current Status and Future Directions
Pages 751–770
Stanton, Annette L.; Lobel, Marci; Sears, Sharon; Deluca, Robyn Stein

Psychological Assessment and Care of Organ Transplant Patients
Pages 771–783
Olbrisch, Mary Ellen; Benedict, Sharon M.; Ashe, Kristine; Levenson, James L.

Genetic Testing: Psychological Aspects and Implications
Pages 784–797
Lerman, Caryn; Croyle, Robert T.; Tercyak, Kenneth P.; Hamann, Heidi

Emotional Disorders in Primary Care
Pages 798–809
Coyne, James C.; Thompson, Richard; Klinkman, Michael S.; Nease Jr., Donald E.

Behavioral Medicine Approaches to Somatoform Disorders
Pages 810–827
Looper, Karl J.; Kirmayer, Laurence J.

Adolescent Health Psychology
Pages 828–842
Williams, Paula G.; Holmbeck, Grayson N.; Greenley, Rachel Neff

Behavioral Medicine and Aging
Pages 843–851
Siegler, Ilene C.; Bastian, Lori A.; Steffens, David C.; Bosworth, Hayden B.; Costa, Paul T.

Behavioral Medicine: 2002 and Beyond
Pages 852–856
Keefe, Francis J.; Buffington, Angela L. H.; Studts, Jamie L.; Rumble, Meredith E.

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