Journal of Comparative Psychology

Social Learning in Humans and Nonhuman Animals: Theoretical and Empirical Dissections

Vol. 126, No. 2, May 2012
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About the special issue

The study of social learning has become one of the most important and intensely researched fields of comparative psychology. This special issue presents a synthesis of work that consolidates what is currently known and provides a platform for future research. Consequently, articles include both new empirical studies and novel theoretical proposals describing work with both human children and adults and a range of nonhuman animals.

Articles in this issue

Social Learning in Humans and Nonhuman Animals: Theoretical and Empirical Dissections
Pages 109–113
Nielsen, Mark; Subiaul, Francys; Galef, Bennett; Zentall, Thomas; Whiten, Andrew

Perspectives on Observational Learning in Animals
Pages 114–128
Zentall, Thomas R.

Even Simple Forms of Social Learning Rely on Intention Attribution in Marmoset Monkeys (Callithrix Jacchus)
Pages 129–138
Burkart, Judith; Kupferberg, Aleksandra; Glasauer, Stefan; van Schaik, Carel

Outcome-Based Observational Learning in Human Infants
Pages 139–149
Huang, Chi-Tai

The Role of Transmission Biases in the Cultural Diffusion of Irrelevant Actions
Pages 150–160
McGuigan, Nicola

End State Copying by Humans (Homo Sapiens): Implications for a Comparative Perspective on Cumulative Culture
Pages 161–169
Caldwell, Christine A.; Schillinger, Kerstin; Evans, Cara L.; Hopper, Lydia M.

Imitation, Pretend Play, and Childhood: Essential Elements in the Evolution of Human Culture?
Pages 170–181
Nielsen, Mark

Putting the Social Into Social Learning: Explaining Both Selectivity and Fidelity in Children's Copying Behavior
Pages 182–192
Over, Harriet; Carpenter, Malinda

What's Social About Social Learning?
Pages 193–202
Heyes, Cecilia

List Price: $24.95
Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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