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Psychological Review, The Centennial Issue

Vol. 101, No. 2, April 1994
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Articles in this issue

Introduction to the 100th Anniversary Issue of the Psychological Review
Pages 195–199
Kintsch, Walter; Cacioppo, John T.

Jubilee of the Psychological Review: Fifty Volumes of the Psychological Review
Pages 200–204
Langfeld, Herbert S.

The Physical Basis of Emotion
Pages 205–210
James, William

The Varieties of Emotional Experience: A Meditation on James–Lange Theory
Pages 211–221
Lang, Peter J.

William James and Emotion: Is a Century of Fame Worth a Century of Misunderstanding?
Pages 222–229
Ellsworth, Phoebe C.

Psychology and History
Pages 230–236
Münsterberg, Hugo

The Road Not Taken: A False Start for Cognitive Psychology
Pages 237–242
Schönpflug, Wolfgang

Uses of Historical Data in Psychology: Comments on Münsterberg (1899)
Pages 243–247
McGuire, William J.

Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It
Pages 248–253
Watson, John B.

A New Formula for Behaviorism
Pages 254–258
Kimble, Gregory A.

Behaviorism and Neuroscience
Pages 259–265
Thompson, Richard F.

A Law of Comparative Judgment
Pages 266–270
Thurstone, L. L.

Thurstone and Sensory Scaling: Then and Now
Pages 271–277
Luce, R. Duncan

Psychological Measurement
Pages 278–281
Dawes, Robyn M.

Toward a Statistical Theory of Learning
Pages 282–289
Estes, William K.

A Turning Point in Mathematical Learning Theory
Pages 290–300
Bower, Gordon H.

The Physiology of Motivation
Pages 301–311
Stellar, Eliot

Compound Complementarities in the Study of Motivated Behavior
Pages 312–317
Teitelbaum, Philip; Stricker, Edward M.

The Visual Perception of Objective Motion and Subjective Movement
Pages 318–323
Gibson, James J.

Gibson's Inspired but Latent Prelude to Visual Motion Perception
Pages 324–328
Blake, Randolph

James J. Gibson: An Appreciation
Pages 329–335
Nakayama, Ken

Gibson's Affordances
Pages 336–342
Greeno, James G.

The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information
Pages 343–352
Miller, George A.

The Magical Number Seven: Still Magic After All These Years?
Pages 353–356
Baddeley, Alan

Seven Plus or Minus Two: A Commentary on Capacity Limitations
Pages 357–361
Shiffrin, Richard M.; Nosofsky, Robert M.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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